Meet Anastasia


My love affair with photography began once I became a mother. I learned how to use natural light to paint portraits of my sweet babies, capturing the essence of our love and those beautifully imperfect moments. I want to do the same for you. I want you to look at remember how it felt.

Finding the right photographer to capture your precious moments is important. I want you to choose me because you connect with my work and love my style. I wouldn't want you choose me based on my prices but because you value the photographs and know how important they are. With that said, if you say yes to the following questions  I'd love to chat!

1. Do you want images of your babies as they are, the pretty as well as not so pretty moments?
2. Are you okay with not saying the word "cheese" and looking at the camera the entire time? 
3.  Would you rather have everyone in outfits that coordinate and look beautifully put together instead of looking identical?

If it's yes to all of this, let's chat!

I’m Anastasia, momma of two beautiful babies, wife, photographer and teacher based out of Queens, New york. 

I’m so happy to have you here!

 Forget the day's troubles, remember the day's blessings

5. my mantra

good chocolate

4. guilty pleasures include


3. full time duties

kindness with a bit of sarcasm

2. my weapon of choice

emotive visual story telling

1. my passion


10. favorite thing here

good chocolate

9. favorite thing here

morning coffee & calendar book

8. must haves

jeans, t-shirt, & boots

7. daily uniform

awake my soul, mumford & sons

6. my theme song

RAndome Facts

dora patra

"We had an amazing experience at our family photo shoot. She made us feel so comfortable that it didn't even feel like a session. She told us to just be ourselves and enjoy. Looking through the pictures it is obvious she loves what she does. She has a gift of capturing emotions naturally. I highly recommend her."

AN AMAZING experience 

Stephanie S.

"...We absolutely LOVED our experience with Anastasia! The photos came out amazing! She has such an unbelievable talent and an incredible eye for catching the most beautiful moments. Right from the start we were so relaxed and comfortable with her. If I could give her more stars I would."

I just can't say enough

anna reina

"Being a mother of three, I was a little stressed about having the shoot to begin with. She put me at ease knowing she’s also a mother of two. I love her modo, go with the flow. You begin to realize the more natural things flow, the better your pictures will be. She did just that and she truly caught some of the most beautiful shots I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much for your time and excellence."


amanda d.

"The best part about working with Anastasia is that she is a professional around crazy hectic families and really knows how to work within that dynamic. I was certain shooting with our newborn son and our anxiety-prone dog looked a hot mess, but the photos really came out beautifully."

Brilliant, really.


"I just can't say enough...We absolutely LOVED our experience with Anastasia!"

Schitt's creek

favorite show

The Goonies

Favorite Movie

Lover of all genres especially hip hop & rmb

music obsessed

are my medicine 

crossfit & Yoga

 Working to keep them alive

plant mom

the beach

favorite place

Greek cuisine


morning coffee & calendar book

must have