My Top 3 Family Photo Locations in NYC


New York City has incredible sights, both urban and natural landscapes, perfect for your next family photo session. I’ve compiled my top 3 locations from the Upper West Village down to the West Village.

New York City offers endless options for family photos. I’ve compiled my top 3 from the West Village to the Upper West Side.

1. The West Village

The West Village is known for its charming and quaint blocks, a great location to get lost in. The quiet streets are filled with beautiful brick town-houses which is especially pretty during the fall and a perfect backdrop for family photos.

2. The Upper West Side

Nestled between Central Park and the Hudson River, The Upper West Side has become the quintessential New York neighborhood. If you’re visiting NYC or a resident, this part of town is perfect to document your family.

3. Central Park

The iconic Central Park has it all. It gives you so many background options from city vibes to beautiful architecture. It’s a perfect location because you can have a range of natural scenery paired with the beautiful skylines of Manhattan to give your gallery so much variety.

There are so many endless possibilities for family photos in New York City. If you live or planning on visiting, I’d love to chat, send me a message HERE.

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